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Student Success and Equity

Committee Charge


The Student Success & Equity Committee (SSEC) is the participatory governance committee responsible for programs and services on campus that promote student success and equity with special emphasis on access (outreach and recruitment), matriculation, retention, and academic support. 


The purpose of the Student Success and Equity Committee (SSEC) is to maintain the vision and values of the college and ensure equitable access and success to all students by providing appropriate, comprehensive, and reliable student support services to students. The Student Success and Equity Committee (SSEC) coordinates and aligns the efforts of the Entering the Path and Foundations for Academic Success Committees with CRC’s strategic goals.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Provide oversight and collaboration for all issues the support and alignment of applicable goals outlined in CRC’s strategic plan.

  2. In collaboration with appropriate college-wide committees, facilitate and coordinate implementation of activities to support student success, college and district equity goals and integration .For example, the efforts of the Foundation for Academic Success Committee, the Cultural Competence & Equity Committee, and the Entering the Path Committee fall under the purview of supporting student success.

  3. Engage in conversations and undertake efforts specific to college-wide goals in regards to Guided Pathways, Integration of Services, placement and other Task Groups.

  4. Develop and provide leadership for the completion of relevant California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Plans including the Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) program and Guided Pathways plans.

  5. Maintain archive of evidence to document how the college meets and exceeds ACCJC (Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges) Standard IIC: Student Support Services

  6. Review the college’s to student services, access and integration of services to ensure alignment to college goals and progress toward measurable targets.

Rules and Operating Procedures

Refer to Participatory Governance Handbook for General Rules/Procedures.

Committee Membership

Tri-Chairs Membership

Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management, a faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate, and a classified professional appointed by the Classified Senate.

Administrative Membership

Appointed by college president or designee.

Classified Membership

Minimum of four appointed by Classified Senate.

Faculty Membership

Minimum of four appointed by Academic Senate.

Student Membership

Minimum of two appointed by Student Senate.



John Seamons
Faculty Tri-Chair

Claire Oliveros
Administrative Tri-Chair

Patricia Morgan-Mejia
Classified Tri-Chair

  • Laurel Doyle
  • Chitoh Emetarom
  • Ryana Fisher
  • Nyenbeku George
  • Yolanda Gomez
  • Scott Hamilton
  • Mun Kang
  • Jason Patterson
  • Paolo Soriano
  • David Weinshilboum
  • Matthew Wohl
  • Arianna Basped
  • Tiffany Clark
  • Clarissa Correa
  • Tesia Johnson
  • Eva Rhodes
  • Tadael Emiru
  • Yolanda Garcia
  • Hong Pham
  • Tyler Rollins
  • LaTonya Williams


Meeting Information

Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.