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Planning refers to the process by which the college or a program defines needed action based on evaluation of practices and relevant data. In collaboration with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, the Research & Equity Office provides strategic support and structure for most planning at Cosumnes River College, including: 

These planning elements are also guided by and aligned with the college’s Mission, Vision, and Values. And, in alignment with the Mission, Vision and Values, planning processes are designed with an equity-minded lens that is race conscious; institutionally focused; evidence based; systematically aware; and action oriented (Bensimon and Malcom, 2012).


Sabrina Sencil
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning
(916) 691-7144

Cláudia Sampaio Hoffman
Administrative Assistant II
(916) 691-7303

Paul Meinz
IT Business/Tech Analyst II
(916) 691-7723

Evarista Veliz
Programmer I
(916) 691-7480

Katy Wilson
Faculty Researcher
(916) 691-7835

Katrina McDonald
Adjunct Faculty Researcher