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Agendas and Minutes

The Curriculum Committee reviews all Curriculum proposals (both courses and programs). The committee also determines local General Education (including Ethnic/Multicultural Studies) requirements and provides approval for courses to be offered via Distance Education modalities. Broadly, the Curriculum Committee facilitates all levels of curriculum planning, development, and review in order to ensure compliance and support student success.

About the Committee

Meetings and Rules

The committee typically meets twice per month during the regular Spring and Fall semesters (currently in the afternoon on the first and third Wednesday of each month). Meetings may be convened electronically if desired, and special meetings may be called if necessary. A faculty majority of voting members with at least one voting administrator present shall constitute a quorum.

Refer to the Participatory Governance Council page for general rules and operating procedures.

Handbook and Resources

Curriculum Resources for Faculty

Student Learning Outcomes

Local GE Request Forms



Brian Noel
Automotive Mechanics Technology Professor

  • Kathryn Morgan-Nance
  • Jeanette Mulhern
  • Dan DuBray
  • Rochelle Perez
  • Michael Lawlor
  • Amanda Paskey
  • Juana Esty
  • Alex Kagan
  • Michael Marslek
  • Rhonda Farley
  • Jorge Baca
  • Emily Barkley
  • Michael Kearney
  • Michael Lawlor
    Executive Secretary
  • Bob Johnson
  • Robert Montañez

Alex Anguiano

Meeting Information

The Curriculum Committee meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 3:00 pm in T-114.