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Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development plans, coordinates, and supports a variety of activities that engage faculty, classified professionals, and administrators in an active and creative work life.

Professional Development Forms


PD Funding Request

In order to request campus support individual/group professional development, you must complete and submit the Professional Development Funding Request Form.

For request for funds for campus events, please complete and submit the Events Funding Request Form.

Due to the complexity of fund allocation and the required paperwork (e.g. approved travel authorization/reimbursement form), please submit your funding request 45 days prior to the date of the first activity/event.




GIFTS (Great Ideas for Teaching Students) is an opportunity to support conversations about teaching and learning. If you would like to contribute to the weekly GIFTS series, please contact Lisa Abraham, Professional Development Coordinator.

GIFTS 1 - Name That Fallacy (PDF)

GIFTS 2 - Crossword Puzzles (PDF)

GIFTS 2 - Engine  Operating Principles (PDF)

GIFTS 2 - Engine Operating Principles KEY (PDF)

GIFTS 3 - Student Engagement Questions (PDF)

GIFTS 4 - World Cafe Method (PDF

GIFTS 5 - Index Cards (PDF)

GIFTS 6 - The Repeater (PDF)

Active Learning Teaching Techniques

At the California Guided Pathways Institute #5 (Ensuring Students are Learning and Progressing Along the Pathway) workshops focused on teaching and learning. These handouts on active learning were provided by Jackie Williams, Professor of English, at Fresno City College. They and shared here with her permission. Please feel free to use, or adapt, for your instructional needs.

Make Time for Active Learning Guided Pathways Presentation (PDF)

Video Note Organizer (PDF)

Reading Art Project (PDF)

Research Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

Syllabi Tips

The "Chronicle of Higher Education" published an article on effective syllabi.

SLO-centric Course Planning and Grading in Canvas

This video, featuring Professor Lisa Marchand, encourages faculty to consider adopting course design and grading methods that would enable assessment of ALL course SLO’s in all classes, every semester without adding to their workload. Click the link below for a ½ hour presentation that explains this possibility, and how to set up Canvas. This program was recorded on 10/26/2018 during the Can-Innovate Webinar.

Flex Workshop: Aligning From Within: A Unified Approach to Tackling Large Department Consistency

“Standards,” “rigor,” and “course outlines” are all well-and-good, but how often can one topic be taught at a much lower- or higher-level than the true intent of the course? If you have ten different instructors teaching different sections of the same course, how can you, as a department, optimize the chance of aligning outcomes and levels without sacrificing the instructor’s academic freedom? With a 40+ faculty, the Mathematics Department found that the range in levels for outcomes of the same course were drastically dissimilar and we have taken measures to completely align for the sake of student success. Come out to learn how we have begun a unified journey to develop common finals while still allowing for the flexibility of the instructor’s “voice” and style. Workshop facilitator: Roy Simpson, Professor of Mathematics.

Bringing videos into your classrooms and departments

Library workshop (PDF)

Also, check out this link full of great ideas for guiding students through the research process, including Mindfulness in Research.

Mindfulness and Meditation—Yoga Nidra with Jill Weston

Practicing Yoga Nidra allows you to experience a deep rest, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated. During this period of deep rest Yoga Nidra activates unconscious areas and re-connects you to inner abilities and potential. If you enjoyed this Professional Development workshop and wanted to try Yoga Nidra on your own, click the video below:

Compassionate Leadership

Leah Weiss, Ph.D. is a lecturer, researcher, writer, and an author who shares insights on how to cultivate compassionate leadership. She’s trained thousands of executives, team leaders, students, veterans, and Silicon Valley’s best and brightest in mindfulness. She’s taken years of personal and academic mindfulness research and applied it to training seminars, speaking engagements, Ivy League courses, and a book published by Harper-Collins titled, Heart at Work.

Universal Design

At the Fall 2018 PD Institute, Gaeir Dietrich gave a presentation on universal design and learning styles. Her presentation and related materials are below:

Universal Design for Learning Brief (PDF)

Learning Styles Profile (PDF)

History of Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development was originally called CASSL. It was established in 2004 by CRC President Francisco Rodriguez to strengthen the College's ability to support student learning and success. A task group led by Dean Janis Caston that included Professor Marybeth Buechner (SLO Coordinator), Professor Jeanne Edman (Faculty Researcher) and Professor Maureen Moore (Professional Development Chair) worked to develop the structure and initial planning documents that continue to inform the ongoing evolution of this center.  

Many thanks to the Marybeth Buechner, who served as the CASSL faculty coordinator from Fall 2005 though Fall 2008. Thanks also to BJ Snowden, who served as the CASSL faculty coordinator from Fall, 2009 through Spring 2011; to Colette Harris-Mathews, who served from Fall 2011 through Spring 2013; to Lesley Gale, who served from Fall 2013 through Spring 2015; and to Rick Schubert who served from 2015-2017. Finally, many thanks to President Edward Bush and the Professional Development Committee for their ongoing support for professional development efforts at CRC.

Upcoming PD Events


Distance Education Drop-in Support

Zoom link for drop-in support
from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Distance Education Drop-in Support

Zoom link for drop-in support
from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm


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