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The OneBook CRC Project, which began at CRC in fall 2010, encourages the Cosumnes River College community to read and discuss a common book during each academic year. The project spans both fall and spring semesters and is for the entire campus community (students, administrators, classified staff, faculty and members of the broader Cosumnes River neighborhood). The idea behind the project is to create an intellectual community around the reading of a common book in order to enhance student success, improve cultural competence, and encourage inclusive teaching and learning.

What is a common book, you might ask?  A common book is a text that students and staff across the campus read and discuss in various capacities throughout the school year. Through OneBook CRC, students, faculty, staff and community members are encouraged to engage in the practice of reading and to use their reading experience to communicate, learn, grow and connect beyond their classrooms and workspaces.

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2023-2025 Selection

Laziness Does Not Exist

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The OneBook selection for fall 2023 through spring 2025 is Laziness Does Not Exist by Dr. Devon Price.

Like many Americans, Dr. Devon Price believed that productivity was the best way to measure self-worth. Price was an overachiever from the start, graduating from both college and graduate school early, but that success came at a cost. After Price experienced severe health problems related to stress and overexertion, he was forced to examine the darker side of all this productivity.

Laziness Does Not Exist explores the psychological underpinnings of the “laziness lie,” including its origins from the Puritans and how it has continued to proliferate as digital work tools have blurred the boundaries between work and life. Using in-depth research, Price explains that people today do far more work than nearly any other humans in history yet most of us often still feel we are not doing enough.

Filled with practical and accessible advice for overcoming society’s pressure to do more, and featuring interviews with researchers, consultants, and experiences from real people drowning in too much work, Laziness Does Not Exist “is the book we all need right now” (Caroline Dooner, author of The F*ck It Diet).

- Adapted from publisher marketing

If you would like to learn more about the book and what inspired Dr. Price to write it, check out this NPR interview.

Our OneBook, Laziness Does Not Exist by Dr. Devon Price, is now available for checkout! You can also request a copy to be held for you in our pickup lockers, or read it online.

We have a LibGuide for the book as well, including ideas for research topics, and related interviews and articles.

Visit the library and grab a copy!

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Inspiration for the OneBook CRC Project

The original inspiration for the OneBook Project was a research report from the National Endowment for the Arts entitled, "To Read or Not To Read: A Question of National Consequence" (PDF). After reading this report, Humanities Professor Maureen Moore was inspired to create a common book project at CRC. Projects similar to OneBook CRC are cropping up at campuses around the country as other colleges work to encourage reading and foster a sense of campus community.