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Program review at Cosumnes River College is the essential process of evaluating student learning outcomes; reflecting upon how students are served; reviewing data, previous strategies, and resources; acknowledging accomplishments, internal and external factors; and planning for the future. At CRC, the formal program review process is supported and organized within the College Integrated Planning System (CIPS).

The goal of the program review process at the college is to:

  • Use disaggregated enrollment, success, and award data to inform programmatic changes
  • Improve the quality of the student learning experience while at CRC
  • Increase equitable student achievement
  • Improve program and institutional effectiveness
  • Be an important component of the implementation of the outcomes assessment loop
  • Inform the development of unit plans
  • Inform college resource allocation processes
  • Align with the college’s Strategic Plan and Mission, Vision, and Values

College Integrated Planning System (CIPS)

Program Review Cycle

As of Fall 2020, program review is conducted on a six-year staggered cycle. Each semester, a group of programs completes program review with the assistance of the SLO coordinator and members of the Research & Equity Office. This change was made with the hopes of improving the program review process by providing individualized support. With this support, programs can analyze data, reflect, and document the review of their program with less confusion about the process.

Program reviews can be accessed and updated at any time during the cycle to support the programs’ ability to update strategies and resource needs in a timely manner to participate in the separate, but connected, resource allocation processes. This freedom acknowledges that many programs conduct reviews more regularly than the formal schedule requires. For these programs, CIPS provides a means of documenting their findings and plans as they strive for improvement.

Programs completing program review in a given term receive training and ongoing support so that the following completion timeline is met:

  • Editors Complete by 4 weeks before end of term
  • Manager Feedback by 2 weeks before end of term
  • Final Changes by end of term
  • Publish by start of next term

For help/assistance with program review, contact:

Program Review Schedule

On January 31, 2020 - The Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Committee randomly drew Career and Academic Communities (CACs) and Non-instructional programs in order of program review schedule. It was decided to modify the cycle, recommending that the English Language Studies CAC be moved to the first program in the cycle. This puts a smaller CAC in the first staggered cycle. Additionally, all student services are now together, even the ones with a curriculum component that were originally separated out. This means they will be on a fall-spring 25-26 schedule. This modified recommendation received anonymous approval at the Senate and was approved by the Participatory Governance Council on March 24, 2020.

For the 2020-2026 Program Review Cycle

Term CAC/Area Conducting Program Review
Fall 2020 English and Language Studies
Spring 2021 Business and Computer Science
Fall 2021 Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Spring 2022 Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Fall 2022 Social and Behavioral Sciences
Spring 2023 Social and Behavioral Sciences
Fall 2023 Health and Human Services
Spring 2024 Health and Human Services
Fall 2024 Science, Math, and Engineering
Spring 2025 Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Fall 2025 Administrative Units, Counseling, and Student Services
Spring 2026 Administrative Units, Counseling, and Student Services

Program Review Video Tutorials

Training videos coming soon!

Who Completes Program Review?

For a given program, the review process should be conducted collaboratively. As such, everyone has the ability to view all programs’ past and current program reviews. The department chair for instructional programs and managers overseeing administrative and student service programs typically facilitate the completion of program review.