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Program review at Cosumnes River College is the essential process of evaluating student learning outcomes; reflecting upon how students are served; reviewing data, previous strategies, and resources; acknowledging accomplishments, internal and external factors; and planning for the future. At CRC, the formal program review process is supported and organized within the College Integrated Planning System (CIPS).

The goal of the program review process at the college is to:

  • Use disaggregated enrollment, success, and award data to inform programmatic changes
  • Improve the quality of the student learning experience while at CRC
  • Increase equitable student achievement
  • Improve program and institutional effectiveness
  • Be an important component of the implementation of the outcomes assessment loop
  • Inform the development of unit plans
  • Inform college resource allocation processes
  • Align with the college’s Strategic Plan and Mission, Vision, and Values

College Integrated Planning System (CIPS)