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CRC’s Planning Guide describes the college’s integrated planning and resource allocation processes. This guide begins with CRC’s Integrated Planning Model, a visual representation of the planning components and environmental factors influencing and informing institutional planning. A description of the process and timeline for each component in the model is under College Planning Overview, below.

The Planning Guide details the ways in which constituent groups participate in and contribute to CRC’s long and short term planning. The College follows the Participatory Governance Decision-making Process for constituency input and vetting in planning processes. Institutional planning at CRC stems from the college’s Mission, Vision, and Values. The planning processes also reflect the College's commitment to equity. See also:

The objectives for CRC’s planning processes are guided by:

  • Transparency of processes
  • Data-driven plans
  • Equity-minded decisions
  • Consultation with constituencies
  • Communication with stakeholders

Integrated Planning Model (Flowchart)

Download a larger version of the Integrated Planning Model (Flowchart).