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Campus Keys and Imron Access

Approximately two to three days after the Administrative Department Assistant enters the request for either campus key(s) or badge access card capabilities via Maintenance Connection, Operations will contact employees and Administrative Assistant via email to notify item(s) are ready for pick up.

Please note the key process may take five to ten days, depending on the requested key(s) availability. The Imron card process may take up to 48 hours.

Adjunct Faculty: Keys must be returned after every semester.

Key and Access Card Request Process

Department Administrative Assistants enter a work order request via Maintenance Connection as follows:

Problem: Key Request

  • Short Descriptions:
    • New Employee: [Last, First Name], Employee ID#, Email, Title, Department, Key Manager, Building/Location for Access, Key Code
    • Additional Key(s): [Last, First Name], Employee ID#, Building/Location for Access, Key Code

Problem: Access Card Request

  • Short Description:
    • Provide users information; [Last, First name], Employee ID#, Title (Faculty, Staff, Administrator), Access that is needed if they need toggle capability or Alarm Access

Note: All employees picking up key(s) are required to bring all other Medeco keys issued to them when picking up, as they may have to return keys before new key(s) will be issued.

Access Card Troubleshooting

Send an email to, including the name of the employee, employee number, an image of the badge card number, and location experiencing issues. If this is a key box issue, include an image of the lockbox screen display.

For more information, call (916) 691-7168 or email

Helpful Videos

Key Box Check In

Key Box Check Out

Key Card Access

Key Card Access with Toggle

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