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At CRC we have a planning process designed to proactively replace desktop computer systems around a usable computer life-cycle schedule. We call this the CRC PC Renewal Plan. Despite it's name, it addresses the life-cycle of both PCs and Macs used by our full time employees.

The purpose of this process is to maintain a proactive and efficient turnover of our computer resources rather than wait for them to grow old, unusable and unreliable before replacing them. This enables us to meet the needs of our employees, reuse systems efficiently and spread out the fiscal burden by replacing computers in a planned and controlled fashion. It also reduces the maintenance and support burden of over 360 desktop systems throughout the college by removing obsolete and costly-to-maintain systems. Most importantly, it lets employees know when they can expect to be upgraded and with what. During the design process of each 3-year cycle there is provision for input from the folks that will be using these computers.

Please note the following:

  • The PC Renewal Plan only addresses the desktop computers of full time CRC employees.
    • Lab, classroom and other instructional computer needs are considered through our COB and ITMB planning processes.
    • Part time employee (adjuncts, temp classified and student employees) computer needs are addressed on an as-needed basis and via a helpdesk request.
  • Employees can, via their Area Dean, address the specification or timing of their planned replacement if they believe the draft plan does not meet their position requirements/needs.
    • This is done during the two week general review period before the plan is finalized.
  • Things change, especially in the IT field. To that end, as we go farther out in time on any 3-year technology plan, circumstances may shift, and we must allow for that.
    • Should a replacement system turn out to be inadequate by the time it comes to deployment then, as is always the case, those unmet needs can be addressed in the usual way via a helpdesk request.

Another new cycle of PC Renewal plan has been put in motion. It has been reviewed by all the Division Deans and Administration, and all comments/recommendations from that review have been incorporated.

PC Renewal Plan 2024-2027