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Updated Website Directory

Introducing an updated web directory experience and a new tool to manage employee information.

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In 2019, while the Los Rios colleges and district office were moving our websites into a single content management system, we identified the need for a more efficient and consolidated directory management strategy. At that time, a quick solution was implemented to support timely website launches, and that system served the websites (albeit imperfectly) for several years.

After collecting feedback from employees and students and expending great creative and technical effort, we launched a new website directory management tool that dramatically improved upon the previous system in April 2023.

Features of the New Tool

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Improved Website Experience

For students, employees, and community members using our websites, the new directory interface:

  • Allows employee information to be accessible across all our websites, rather than just on an employee's "home college" website.
  • Displays multiple job roles (and related contact information) that an individual employee may fill.
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Better Information Management

When it comes to managing directory information, our new tool:

  • Empowers employees to manage their own information, rather than having to submit requests through the web team.
  • Provides more accurate information because it is connected to data sources such as PeopleSoft.

Employee Checklist to Update Directory Information

The following checklist outlines what actions employees need to take to review and update their information. Please take a few minutes and review/update your information using the following steps.

Navigate to Web Directory Update Tool

Go to the Web Directory Update Tool (you will be required to log in via Single Sign-On to access the page).

Employees can also access it via the Employee Login drop-down on any employee-facing website or at

Review Name and Identification Information

Verify your name and identification information are correct.

If any of this information is incorrect or outdated, then you can update it in Employee Self-Service. It can take up to 48 hours to see PeopleSoft changes reflected in the Web Directory Update Tool.

Screenshot of name and identification fields on webpage

Add a Profile Image

Add an image of yourself (or choose to use your Canvas image), if you want. This is optional.

Image Requirements

  • Images for our online directory should include your full face, directly facing the camera.
  • Do not submit a photo where your face is obscured, a photo of the side or back of your head, or artistic representations of yourself.
  • Images should be high-resolution JPG files no larger than 2MB.

The web team reserves the right to remove your profile image if it does not meet these standards.

Screenshot of image field on webpage

Review Biographical Information

Add biographical information (or choose to include your Canvas bio and links*), if you want. This is optional.

Make sure to click the "Save" button after you've made your changes.

* Canvas bio and links are only available to faculty.

Screenshot of biographical information and Canvas links on webpage

Review Academic Information

Add academic information, if you want. This is optional.

Make sure to click the "Save" button after you've made your changes.

Screenshot of academic information on webpage

Review Job Roles

Review your primary and additional (if applicable) job roles. For each job role, you can update your title, email, phone number, department, sub-department, building, and/or room.

Make sure to click the "Save" button after you've made your changes.

Screenshot of job role information on webpage

Add and Reorder Job Roles

If you have an additional role that is not displaying, you can add it via the "Add a job role" link. Note that your primary job role must be displayed on the website. You can reorder your job roles if you'd prefer to display a different primary role.

Screenshot of order arrows on webpage

Review Updates on Website

After you've updated your employee information, review how it displays on the website. To do this, scroll to the top of the Web Directory Update Tool and click the link that says, "View [Your Name]'s profile on website".

Screenshot of webpage

Need Help?

If you encounter issues while updating your information, then please submit a directory request via our Marketing and Website Support Request Form.