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Home Collegewide Information Technology Support of Personal Devices

The CRC IT Department is, as always, here to respond to and support your technology needs as a CRC employee. We do our utmost to provide fast and professional customer service and get you back to being productive with technology as quickly and effectively as possible. However, this technical support does not extend to personal devices and technology not provided by the college.

Over the last two years many of us have learned how to work from home. As the department responsible for helping you make the most of your technology along the way, the CRC IT department has learned a few things too. In order to provide you with the best and most simple experience, we strongly recommend using a CRC-issued laptop computer. Using a personal device for work will limit our ability to provide assistance when issues arise. To request CRC equipment, please submit a request through Service Central.

Support for personal devices is very limited and provided on a “best effort” basis at the discretion of our CRC IT technicians. CRC IT technicians will provide written and/or verbal guidance only (without touching or remotely accessing personal hardware) to limit risk, perceived or actual. IT technicians are not expected to physically touch personal hardware.

Your personal devices are yours and your responsibility. Due to implied liability concerns, CRC IT cannot provide support on personal devices other than what is outlined below. Under no circumstances will personal computing equipment be left with CRC IT for any reason.

What You Can Expect From CRC IT Technicians When Using a Personal Device

We will answer questions and provide guidance on: 

  • Wireless connections to LRCCD campus WiFi
  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) with Duo Security
  • LRCCD email on Outlook for web, desktop, and mobile
  • Skype for Business VoIP telephony
  • Basic network and connectivity issues, including GlobalProtect VPN

Limitations of Support When Using a Personal Device

  • Support of peripherals (for example: webcams, headphones, Bluetooth devices) is limited to best-effort help
  • Software support is limited to current college-licensed software, available for personal devices (for example: Office 365, Adobe, etc.)
  • Operating system issues, error messages indicating “Windows failed to start,” hardware failure, and computer fail to boot is not supported
  • Help with logins for personal accounts (for example: Microsoft, Apple ID, Google) is not available
  • Support that requires touching or remotely accessing personal hardware is not available

Any support provided by CRC IT on any personal device is limited to the circumstances above and does not carry with it any expectation of remedy/repair/replacement/work or any form of warranty on any assistance provided. For “full service” support on your personal device please contact the vendor or manufacturer associated with that device or one of the many available commercial support options.