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Printing Services

Use Printing Services online forms to request business cards, copying, or printing services.

Printing Services Forms

Changes during campus closure:

  • Hours during campus closure are Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Printing Services available to on-site classes only
  • Intercampus mail is delivered once per month to division offices
  • If you have additional questions, please email

Types of Services

Basic, free (i.e. no charge to the department) services are available for black & white copies of standard class materials such as course syllabus, exams, and short handouts used to supplement instruction - see Printing Services SOP (PDF). Charges are assessed for color copies, special paper and post-production work.

Note: While most services are provided without cost to the department, significant resources (budget, support staff, paper) are allocated to meet the campus demand. Printing Services staff reproduce over 7,000,000 copies annually at a cost of up to $.05/copy. It is important that we all do our part to control both the cost of these services - so there's more for other instructional and institutional needs - as well as the impact on our environment.

Submit Requests Early

At times, especially the start of each semester, Printing Services has numerous requests to process. Allow at least two business days to process basic printing requests during the week before and the first two weeks of each semester and one day thereafter. Copiers break down without warning so please plan ahead to ensure that you get your materials when you need them.

Printing Services Tips

  • Printing Services to e-mail jobs for the best document quality and to ensure the best Printing Services to the campus.
  • Use standard options (back-to-back, white 20# bond paper) to maximize use of resources. If every document is printed back-to-back, we would save over 3.5 million pieces of paper, not including savings from duplex copies on area machines. The use of white paper is strongly encouraged whenever possible because we can obtain white paper with recycled content without too much increase in the cost. We have not found a comparably priced supplier for recycled colored paper. Colored paper also is less efficient because it has a higher tendency to jam and requires staff to stop to load and unload the preferred color.
  • You can also reduce the amount of paper used on campus by using online articles to replace hard copies or posting articles on Blackboard. In the latter case, make sure that you follow the copyright laws.

Copyright Laws

Generally, copyrighted material may not be reproduced without permission, particularly multiple copies of a document for distribution. Exceptions for "Fair Use" in a classroom must meet all of the following criteria and contain a notice of copyright on each copy:

  • Brevity - Is the amount significant, particularly in relation to the entire work? See attachment for examples.
  • Spontaneity - Is there sufficient time to obtain permission? If you used the same document before, you need permission.
  • Cumulative effect - Is there a negative impact on the copyright owner's earnings? See attachment for more information.

Note: Any Yes answers indicate that the Fair Use exception is probably not applicable.

When requesting multiple copies of copyrighted materials, provide Printing Services staff with evidence of permission to reproduce the article or authorization from your dean that it meets the Fair Use requirements and make sure that each copy contains the notice of copyright.


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