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Social Responsibility Committee (SRC)

The Social Responsibility Committee organizes and hosts events, forums and programs open to all members of the campus and community, inviting active reflection upon their responsibility for local, national and international matters. Using a variety of formats, the SRC augments existing public discussions of social, political and economic issues in meaningful and multidisciplinary perspectives. These opportunities for critical thinking are designed to foster active participation on campus and in community affairs.

Meeting Times

Second and fourth Mondays, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Members and Chairs


  • Sandra Carter

Committee Members

Faculty and Classified Members

  • Sherie Coelho
  • Iris Dimond
  • Heather Hutcheson
  • Melaine Huyck-Aufdermaur
  • Mun Kang
  • Denise Marshall-Mills
  • Jason Newman
  • Teresa O'Brien
  • Anastasia Panagakos
  • Alex Peshkoff
  • Amanda Procsal



Student Leadership


Annual Reports and Minutes


SRC Activities

Committee Charge