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Office of Instruction

Instruction is coordinated through the Office of Instruction. The Vice President and Associate Vice President of Instruction and Student Learning are located here. It is their responsibility to coordinate the operations of the instructional program and facilitate any activities that are needed to plan, improve, and facilitate the delivery of instruction, working in collaboration with the Deans responsible for Instructional Areas/Divisions.

Division Dean/Division Office

The Division Dean is the primary contact point with the college administration for faculty. Most instructional activities are carried out through this office. Class scheduling, curriculum activities, and other related activities are the responsibility of the division dean. The division office is also the primary location for all forms and the starting place for most college processes. The division Administrative Assistant will be a valuable resource to you and will be available to answer many of your questions.

Department Chair

Each academic department has an elected Chair who functions as a liaison between the faculty and the division dean. Curriculum questions and other departmental questions should be directed to this person or to the division dean. The academic department chairs work with their deans to review the curriculum, build the class schedule, coordinate program review, complete unit planning and many other activities important to academic departments.

More detail can be found in the LRCFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Flex Obligation and Activities

Required by the AB-1725 legislation, a number of days in the instructional calendar are set aside for professional development activities, known as 'Flex.' Flex Days are scheduled at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. They include one or more days of workshops, and one day of convocation and division/department meetings. All full-time and many adjunct faculty have a Flex obligation. Your Flex obligation is the total number of hours you must spend participating in professional development activities. Your Tentative Course Class Schedule (TCS) states your Flex obligation. See Flex Information.

Travel Request for Professional Development

A request to travel for professional development (PD) purposes can be submitted to the Professional Development Committee, a Shared Governance Committee. See Professional Development Forms and Travel Forms.

Sabbaticals – Professional Development Leaves

Types A and B These leaves provide faculty members with release time from regular teaching assignments to respond to changing educational conditions and student needs. Tenured faculty members are eligible for both Type A and Type B leaves. Tenure-track faculty who have completed three full years of service are only eligible for Type B. Faculty can utilize the release time to engage in studies, projects, or other beneficial activities that fall outside their regular responsibilities. Applications for Professional Development Leaves are considered once per semester. The Professional Standards Committee reviews all faculty applications and submits its recommendation to the College President.


The annual commencement exercises take place in May of each academic year and involve an academic procession and the awarding of degrees to graduating students. Full-time and part-time tenured faculty are required to participate in commencement exercises every other year. Rental fee for the cap and gown and shipping costs are borne by the District. Individual staff members are requested to assume responsibility for rental or purchase of appropriate academic hoods.