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Campus Support

Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations

Employees with a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activities (such as work) may request a reasonable accommodation to perform the essential duties of the position by submitting the ADA/FEHA Accommodation Request Form, to the Vice President of Administrative Services.

Custodial and Maintenance Services

All non-urgent work orders for maintenance and/or custodial services must be submitted through Maintenance Connection for processing and approval at least one week prior to when the services are needed. Contact your area Administrative Assistant for processing.

View Campus Operations for additional information

Facility Use

To make a request to use facilities for campus or community events, please visit Campus Operations/Campus Events.


Food Services

Food on Campus

The Cafeteria offers limited on-campus food options for students, faculty and staff. Provided options include a full cafeteria and Java City coffee station. Vending machines are located in the Library, Technology, and Business buildings.

The College/District Food Service Provider has exclusive right to provide food services on campus, with the exception of limited food services provided by vending machines, the College Store, the Culinary Arts Program and limited dates for student fund raising activities. 

Food purchased from vendors other than the College/District Food Service Provider are not reimbursed unless approved in writing by the Food Service Provider and the Vice President of Administrative Services prior to purchase. Refer to the Cultural Event Handbook.

Graphic Design

CRC's Public Information Office (PIO) provides graphic design services to the campus community. Please see the PIO webpage.


Only College and District employees may be issued keys. It is important that every employee obtains and carries keys to unlock and lock facilities to protect life and property in the event of an emergency or to prevent theft.

For more information, please see Campus Keys and Imron Access.

Name Changes

Updating Your Name in Employee Self-Service

Step 1: Log into your Employee Self Service account and select “Contact Information”

Step 2: Select “Add Name” in the top left corner under “Names”

Step 3: Update information and select “Save”

Step 4: Your screen should now display the information you indicated

Updating Your Name On Employee ID Cards

You can change your Employee I.D. Card to your affirmed/chosen name (no legal documents required) at the campus police station.

*Please note this I.D. service is not available during remote operations and will resume when campus re-opens.

Parking Permits

Staff parking permits are available from the Los Rios Police Department (LRPD) and are valid on any District property. Two free permits may be issued to each staff member; additional permits or replacement of lost permits can be purchased for $5 each. You must provide the make, model, and license plate number for each vehicle, along with your employee ID.

Police, Safety, and Emergency Procedures

Please visit the Safety Resources page for more information.

Please visit the Los Rios Police Department (LRPD) and view the Emergency Procedures.

Rave Guardian App

Los Rios Community College District utilizes the Rave Guardian mobile app to communicate with our campus community. Download the Rave Guardian App to receive important safety notifications, make emergency calls, set virtual safety timers and find the resources you need.

Receiving and Mail Services


All purchase requisitions should direct deliveries to 'Receiving'. When received, the Receiving Department will then deliver items to the appropriate Division Office or department. After verifying that the goods are complete, accurate and in good condition, notify the division office responsible for the requisition so they can notify Receiving to process the online receiver, or prepare a Blanket Order Release, so the vendor can be paid.

Please visit Receiving for additional information.

Mail Services

Intercampus Mail delivery and pickup service to all CRC departments for official intra-/inter-campus mail is processed and delivered daily to all areas by 12:00p.m. All out-going mail must arrive in Mail Services (located in the OPS Building) by 2:00p.m. to guarantee same day processing.

Personal US Mail is not processed by the Mail Services, but may be placed into the outgoing mail box by College employees. Please make sure your mail has a return name and address on it. If you do not put a return name and address on your mail, the item may be held in the Main Center until proper identification of the sender can be verified. Mail Services does not sell postage stamps. (Stamps can be purchased at the Bookstore).

Please visit Mail Services for additional information.

Vehicle Use

The campus has four vans available for checkout by employees on a first come basis. All drivers must have a valid California drivers license and any employee who drives a district vehicle must be trained and authorized to drive. Please review the Los Rios Driving Program to learn how to become an authorized driver.

In addition to the Los Rios Driving Program, a request for Vehicle Use Form, available in division offices, must be completed and turned into the College Operations office to reserve the vehicle. Refer to the District Transportation Handbook (PDF) for additional information.

Bus Request

In addition to College vans or rental vehicles, buses may be requested for long trips with large groups, where providing drivers is not practical. The Bus Request Form should be submitted to the Vice President of Administrative Services Administrative Assistant by April 15th for bus trips in the following academic/fiscal year. If the requests exceed the amount of funds available for bus rentals, a Bus Oversight Taskgroup will prioritize the requests to determine the order in which they will be funded.

See also Travel Forms.

Human Resources

Accident and Injury Reporting for Non-Employees

Emergencies and Serious Work Injuries

If it is an emergency, then call the Los Rios Police Department at (916) 558-2221 and dial zero to connect to a dispatcher. You can also call 911 as appropriate (emergency medical services). After the emergency is stabilized, report the injury by completing the Standard Non-Employee Accident/Incident Report Form with the injured party. Sumit this form along with the Agreement to Participate and Waiver/Assumption of Risk form or Volunteer Release Form, when applicable, to your supervisor or College Operations office.

See Report a Hazard or Incident for more information.

Accident and Injury Reporting for Employees

Emergencies and Serious Work Injuries

If it is an emergency, then call the Los Rios Police Department at (916) 558-2221 and dial zero to connect to a dispatcher. You can also call 911 as appropriate (emergency medical services). After the emergency is stabilized, call Company Nurse at (888) 375-9780 to report the injury. Within one day of notification of injury, the injured employee's supervisor must complete and submit the required Workers' Compensation forms. In addition, Cal-OSHA must be notified within a prescribed period of time. Immediately notify the vice president of administration or campus operations, so they can contact Cal-OSHA.

Non-Urgent Injuries

For non-urgent injuries or illnesses, employees or their supervisors should call Company Nurse at (888) 375-9780 to report the injury. Within one day of notification of injury, the injured employee's supervisor must complete and submit the required forms.

Learn more about the Workers' Compensation Program.

See Report a Hazard or Incident for more information.

Employee Groups

At Los Rios, our employees fall into a few different types of employee groups based on whether they are full-time or part-time, what collective bargaining group they belong to, and so on. Select your employee group to find benefits information, collective bargaining agreements, salary schedules, job descriptions, and more.


Hiring procedures have changed during Remote Operations. Please see Temporary Classified and Student Help.

See All Hiring Resources

Regular Classified Professional Employees

Classified Professionals Hiring Process:

  1. When a position is approved by the Vice President of Administration (VPA) a supervisor, may complete a regular classified professional employee posting that is submitted to the Human Resources Director.
  2. Following approval by the Human Resources Director, the posting is forwarded to Fiscal Services for a position number, transaction number, and approval. The completed posting is then returned to Human Resources.
  3. Human Resources then opens the position. Positions are advertised for a minimum of ten business days.
  4. After the position closes, all applications are screened by the Human Resources Director. Those applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications are notified via email from Human Resources. The remaining applications are forwarded to the college/work site in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining language regarding lateral transfers, promotions, etc.

Hiring Regular Classified Professional Employees

Student Help and Federal Work-Study Employees

Working on campus as a student employee is a great way to become engaged in the campus community. On-campus student employment affords students the opportunity to earn a wage while gaining much needed job experience and transferable skills, all without compromising their education.

Student jobs are available through the Federal Work Study program, Student Ambassadors, College Store, Tutoring and more. For more information about available jobs visit the Student Jobs site.

Hiring Students and Federal Work-Study Employees

Temporary Classified Professional Employees

Forms and documents for new temporary classified employees.

Hiring Temporary Classified Employees

Job Descriptions

View a full listing of Los Rios Community College Job Descriptions.


The Los Rios Community College District, in compliance with all pertinent Titles and Sections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other applicable federal, state and local laws, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, marital status, religion, sexual preference, national origin, sex, age over forty, handicap or Vietnam-era veteran status, physical or mental disability, nor shall any students be discriminated against for conversing in a language other than English, in any of its functions or activities, including employment, educational programs and services, admissions and financial aid.

The District further complies with those federal and state laws and the regulations of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges which prohibit sexual harassment.

Such non-discrimination policies extend to all of the functions and activities of the Los Rios Community College District including employment and employment selection, educational programs, services, admissions and financial aid.

Inquiries regarding this policy may be directed to: the Equity Officer (Titles VI and VII), Dean of College Planning and Research, College Center, (916) 691-7144; Vice-President, Student Services and Enrollment Management, who is the Gender Equity Coordinator (Title IX), College Center (916) 691-7487; Dean of Counseling & Student Services (Section 504 and ADA, American Disabilities Act), Library Building, Room L220 (916) 691-7333; or Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Los Rios Community College District, 1919 Spanos Court, Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 568-3101; or to the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, D.C.

Please see Equity and Diversity or more information.

Types of Leave


You are granted three days for in-state and five days for out-of-state travel due to an immediate family member's death. (Relationship to the deceased and whether out-of-state travel was required must be written on the absence report.)

Jury Duty

You must notify your supervisor immediately upon notification of a jury summons. After processing the absence report, you will receive an affidavit from the District Office requesting monies paid (if any) for jury compensation be remitted to them. (You must include monies paid for mileage, meals, parking, etc.) If a check is not submitted to the District, you will receive a loss of pay of the days/times absent.

Maternity and Paternity

Please visit the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the employee group you are a member of.

Military Leave

You must notify your supervisor immediately upon notification of a military responsibility. A copy of the military orders must be attached to the absence report when submitted.

Personal Business

Each full-time contract/regular employee may be granted a maximum of two days per fiscal year to resolve business-type matters which require attention during work hours and which are the responsibility and rightful concern of the individual. Personal business leave is to be used for activities that the employee could not reasonably be expected to accomplish during non-work hours (such as financial or legal appointments).

Personal Necessity

Depending on the collective bargaining contract, six faculty or seven classified days of accrued sick leave may be used during any academic/fiscal year for personal necessity reasons. Personal necessity leave shall be limited to circumstances that are serious in nature that the employee cannot reasonably be expected to disregard, that necessitate immediate attention and that cannot be taken care of outside of work hours or on weekends.  The reason for using personal necessity leave must be written on the absence report when submitted. (Examples of appropriate uses include religious observations, doctor's appointment, car trouble, emergency/unplanned day care for children or illness of immediate family member, family or personal property emergencies, etc.).

Each Collective Bargaining group has more detail on absences and types of leave.

Salary Schedules

View a full listing of Los Rios Salary Schedules.

Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention

Please view the Los Rios Community College District Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention policy and training information.


Anyone who would like to volunteer their time or services must sign a volunteer release form and have the appropriate manager agree to supervise them. Volunteer release forms are available on the General Services Forms page.

Workers' Compensation

All Los Rios employees – including all regular, temporary, student help, and some students in unpaid on-the-job training programs – may be covered by Workers’ Compensation. When a work-related injury occurs, follow the Campus Workers' Compensation Procedures.

Learn more about the Workers' Compensation Program.


Email Accounts

Login Credentials

All students, staff and faculty are provided a seven-digit W identification number. This W number is used in any place a Los Rios login is required. Employee login and email accounts are created through the Los Rios District office.

Los Rios Microsoft 365 Email Account

Los Rios Single Sign-On

Microsoft 365 is the provided platform for Faculty and staff email. Students use Google Gmail accounts. Email accounts can be accessed on the Los Rios Single Sign-On site. Issues with login credentials or accessing e-mail accounts can be supported by visiting the District Information Technology Help Desk online or by contacting the Help Desk phone number at (916) 568-3012 for assistance.

Help Desk Support

For technical support involving login, email, phone systems and computer related issues, faculty and staff can contact Information Technology by submitting a help desk ticket.

Los Rios Information Technology Help Desk

Phone and Voicemail

The Los Rios Community College District uses the Microsoft Lync VOIP phone system. Phone numbers are distributed by the Information Technology department. Additional phone lines can be requested by supervisors.

Lync VOIP Training Resources