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Payroll deduction is a fast, easy way to support the program of your choice. Fill out the online form and you are one step closer to contributing to the success of our campus.

Payroll Deduction Form

Why I Give

Theresa Tena

"I began my contribution when I began my employment at CRC. My role overseeing the college budget painfully highlighted the “gaps” in student support which the Los Rios Colleges Foundation was uniquely positioned to mitigate. In addition, the pandemic presented special challenges for students and the Foundation was nimbly able to provide financial resources to students in an efficient and streamlined manner.”

—Theresa Tena, Vice President Administrative Services

Teresa W. Aldredge

"Supporting our students through payroll deductions has been one of the easiest and most rewarding investments I have made.”

—Teresa W. Aldredge, Ed.D., Umoja Diop Scholars Counselor/Coordinator College LRCFT Union President

Trevor Stevenson

"We all contribute so much, every day, to help make our students’ dreams hatch into reality. It is humbling to also contribute in this specific way, by creating another pathway showing our support for students in the community.”

—Trevor Stevenson, Receiving Clerk